Full Gas. How to Win a Bike Race – Tactics from Inside the Peloton Inglés 9781787290198 Peter Cossins

Full Gas. How to Win a Bike Race – Tactics from Inside the Peloton

Hectic, thrilling, but sometimes impenetrable – watching a bike race can baffle as much as entertain. Full Gas is the essential guide to make sense of all things peloton.

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Riding as fast as you could for as long as you could was the main tactic in the early days of road racing when Grand Tours could be won by hours. Now a minute’s delay thanks to a puncture could ruin a rider’s chances over a three-week race and the sport is described as nothing less than chess on wheels. The intricacies and complexities of cycling are what makes it so appealing: an eye for opportunity and a quick mind are just as crucial to success as a 'big engine' or good form.

So how do you win a bike race? How do you cope with crosswinds, cobbles, elbows-out sprints, weaving your way through a teeming peloton? Why are steady nerves one of the best weapons in a rider’s arsenal and breakaway artists to be revered? Where do you see the finest showcase of tactical brilliance? Peter Cossins takes us on to the team buses to hear pro cyclists and directeurs sportifs explain their tactics: when it went right, when they got it wrong – from sprinting to summits, from breakaways to bluffing.

Peter Cossins
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7 Jun 2018

Peter Cossins periodista y escritor, desde 1993 no ha parado de escribir sobre ciclismo. Ha cubierto más de una docena de ediciones del Tour de Francia y ha trabajado para la revista Procycling como director y colaborador. Es autor o coautor de numerosos libros sobre el mundo de las dos ruedas, como la biografía del ganador del Tour de 1987 Stephen Roche, The Monuments, la historia de las cinco clásicas de un día más importantes del ciclismo, y Two Days in Yorkshire, una crónica de los entresijos de la Gran Salida del Tour de 2014 por tierras de ese condado inglés.