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Tour de Force Inglés 978-1-5291-4946-3 Mark Cavendish
The Ronde Inglés 9781471169274 Edward Pickering
The art of cycling Inglés 978-1529410280 James Hibbard
P is for Peloton Inglés 9781472912855 Suze Clemitson (Author), Mark Fairhust (Illustrator)
Cycling London to Paris Ciclismo 978-1-85284-914-6
Cycle Touring in Wales Viajes: Rutas, mapas, altimetrías y crónicas. 978-1-85284-988-7
Mountains according to G Inglés 9781529410969 Geraint Thomas
Sagan. My World Librería 9781787290334
Far Ride 12 Librería Far Ride 12
29,50 €

My history-making Tour de France

21,70 €

Edward Pickering tells the story of the Tour of Flanders, its history, culture and meaning, through the prism of the 2011 Ronde, an incredible edition that was one of the most exciting bike races of the past half-century. He weaves the narrative of that day into a broader study of the race, with eyewitness accounts from the key locations of the Ronde and dozens of interviews with the riders.

16,25 €

A meditative love letter to the sport of cycling, THE ART OF CYCLING traces the journey of a former professional racer regaining his love for the sport and shows how cycling can shed new light on age-old questions of selfhood, meaning, and purpose.

22,25 €

'This is Dan Martin's long-awaited autobiography, full of 'the warmth, sharp insights and vivid colour of his 14-year career'


21,25 €

The fascinating and unknown story of the Tour de France's ever-changing relationship with money and power - and the enigmatic family behind it all.

33,00 €

In his latest book, Michelin star chef, elite athlete and celebrated cycling nutritionist Alan Murchison reveals how you can enjoy delicious food and lose weight--without sacrificing your cycling performance.

14,75 €

The full story of the most successful organisation in the history of sport

55 Olympic medals. 6 Tour de France victories. Countless world records and world championship victories. Since the year 2000, British Cycling, Team Sky and INEOS have dominated the sport of cycling to an unprecedented degree. But at what cost?

16,25 €

Riding the Remarkable 1941 Tour of Spain.

26,25 €

A unique and powerful insight into the mind of a professional cyclist in his last year before retirement, from British cyclist David Millar, writer of the bestselling Racing Through the Dark.

18,75 €

A perfect gift book for all cycling fans - the A-Z of cycling from Arrivée to Zoetemelk. Illustrated throughout with over 70 stunning original artworks by renowned cycling artist Mark Fairhurst

21,00 €

Guía en inglés para pedalear desde Londres a París

24,00 €

Guía en inglés con rutas en bicicleta y senderismo por la Selva Negra.

21,00 €

Una completa guía (en inglés) para pedalear por el norte de Escocia

21,00 €

Una guía (en inglés) para recorrer el oeste de Irlanda en bicicleta.

18,00 €

Guía (en inglés) para recorrer Gales en bicicleta.

25,00 €

Featuring 120 routes, 400 Pyrenean climbs and more than 12,000 kilometres of riding, it will detail the best road cycling routes on both the French and Spanish sides of the 600km-long Pyrenean chain, as well as in Andorra.

19,00 €

Cycling guide, in english, to ride the Camino de Santiago.

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Inspirational quotes. For everyone from the novice to the enthusiast

25,85 €

Geraint Thomas's inside guide to twenty-five of the greatest cycling climbs in the world.

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Good things take time, and we really took our time creating the twelfth volume of your favorite adventure and cycling magazine. Consider your patience rewarded.

15,50 €

Every nation shapes sport to test the character traits it most admires.

In The Beast, the Emperor and the Milkman, committed Belgophile and road cycling obsessive Harry Pearson takes you on a journey across Flanders, through the lumpy horizontal rain, up the elbow juddering cobbled inclines, past the fans dressed as chickens and the shop window displays of constipation medicines, as he follows races big, small and even smaller through one glorious, muddy spring.

12,00 €

Dream bikes, vintage race jerseys, iconic team cars,classic cranksets, and handmade frames, these 22 postcards include everything from the world of cycling. Illustrated by the bike-crazy David Sparshott.