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The Hardmen. Legends of the Cycling Gods

Stories of the toughest cyclists of all time, told by The Velominati, originators of The Rules.

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It's time we all stopped whining and learned a thing or two from The Toughest Cyclists Ever. Including:

Stephen Roche, whose cure for exhaustion was to go up a gear and fight harder, all the way to the ambulance. Eddy Merckx, who hurt himself so badly in breaking the Hour record that, he estimated, he shortened his career by a year. Beryl Burton, who crushed her (male) rival's morale with the offer of a piece of liquorice, before speeding past to victory. Nicole Cooke and Edwig Van Hooydonck, who rejected dope and became legends.

The Hardmen tells the stories - the good bits, anyway - of the 40 most heroic Cyclists ever. Their bravery, their panache and their Perfect Amount of Dumb.

It reminds us that suffering on a bike liberates us from our daily lives, and that, in the words of Lance Armstrong 'pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever'; proof that even assholes can be insightful

The Velominati, Franck Strack, Brett Kennedy, John "Gianni" Andrews
Pursuit Books
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June 2017

The Velominati are founders of a singular online community - velominati.com - which celebrates the history of road cycling with a distinctive point of view. Their infamous Rules challenge cycling fans to emulate their heroes in everything from training and equipment to sock length and coffee choice. The Rules were published in book form in 2013. Frank Strack, Editor in Chief, spreads the word at bike shows worldwide, and in his column for Cycling magazine.

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